Congratulations to Hossein Dadashazar and Abdulmonem Aldhaif

Congratulations to Hossein Dadashazar and Abdulmonem Aldhaif for having their recent publications profiled by the Bermuda’s newspaper “The Royal Gazette” and the Bermuda Institute of Oceanographic Sciences. Here are the links:

Feb 2022

One of the group’s former graduates, Taylor Shingler (Ph.D., 2016), was selected to receive NASA’s Early Career Achievement medal. Congratulations Taylor on this well-deserved honor.

Feb 2022

Miguel Hilario was selected for two exciting opportunities that will take place in the coming months.

Miguel Hilario was selected for two exciting opportunities that will take place in the coming months. The first is the UA  Roots for Resilience Scholarship to work on data science issues in Spring 2022, and the second is the 2022 Graduate Visitor Program at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) where he will work in Boulder, Colorado for the summer.

Jan 2022

Eva-Lou Edwards receives funding for her research proposal

Eva-Lou Edwards had her research proposal (“Quantifying and Comparing PFAS in Cloud Water from Three Locations Around the World”) funded by the UA’s Graduate and Professional Student Council to study PFAS compounds in cloud water samples we have collected in recent ONR- and NASA-sponsored field campaigns.

Nov 2021

As part of a collaboration between the Sorooshian group and researchers from both the College of Medicine and the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, a new paper has been recently published in Frontiers in Medicine comparing the filtration efficiency of different face masks against aerosols. Congratulations to Connor Stahl for being the lead author of this multi-disciplinary research project that began at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jun 2021

A new mission involving synchronized aircraft observations is collecting data vital for improving our understanding of how aerosol particles and clouds influence each other. 

May 2021

Genie Lorenzo receives 2021-2022 Ralph Cicerone Fellowship at ACOM

Congratulations to Genie Lorenzo for receiving the 2021-2022 Ralph Cicerone Fellowship at ACOM (Atmospheric Chemistry Observations and Modeling; NCAR). Genie will get to work with NCAR scientists for several months in Boulder, Colorado.


Apr 2021

Miguel Hilario's latest paper, "Measurement report: Long-range transport patterns into the tropical northwest Pacific during the CAMP2Ex aircraft campaign: chemical composition, size distributions, and the impact of convection", was published as the first paper in ACP's CAMP2Ex special issue. 

Mar 2021

New Graduate Student Next Fall!

We are excited to welcome Kayla McCauley as a new graduate student next fall from the Penn State Department of Meteorology.

Mar 2021

2021-2022 University of Arizona Achievement Rewards for College Scientists Foundation Scholar

Congratulations to Joseph Schlosser for being named a 2021-2022 University of Arizona ARCS (Achievement Rewards for College Scientists) Foundation Scholar.

Mar 2021

Kira Zeider has been admitted to the 2020-2021 University of Arizona Superfund Research Training Core. Additionally, she discussed her work on ACTIVATE with k-means clustering on aerosol size distributions on KXCI’s Thesis Thursday.

Feb 2021

Andrea Corral's latest publication "Source Apportionment of Aerosol at a Coastal Site and Relationships with Precipitation Chemistry: A Case Study over the Southeast United States" was selected for an "Editor's Choice" recognition in the journal Atmosphere

Jan 2021

Marisa Gonzalez was selected for a "Roots for Resilience Research Assistantships in Data Science" for Spring 2021. She will make use of open science and computational infrastructure, such as CyVerse, to apply data science tools to her research, as well as increase our department’s data science capacity.

Jan 2021

Outstanding Graduate Student for 2020-2021

Congratulations to Ali Hossein Mardi for being named the Outstanding Graduate Student for 2020-2021 for the Environmental Engineering Program.

Dec 2020

Thumbnail for Podcast

JPL’s Leslie Mullen interviewed Armin for the “On a Mission” podcast episode entitled “Air and Shield”. Armin talks about airborne aerosol research and the ACTIVATE mission:

Nov 2020

New member to join the NASA Student Airborne Research Program (SARP)

Eva-Lou Edwards will join the NASA Student Airborne Research Program (SARP) this coming summer as a mentor for undergraduate students.

Nov 2020

Photo of researches testing different masks to help fight COVID 19

Sorooshian alongside researchers in the Department of Materials Science & Engineering, and the Department of Medicine work together to 3D print medical masks for local hospitals in need of personal protective equipment. Due to high demand of masks, Sorooshian and others rush to find efficient and safe ways to make more masks for our essential health care workers.

Apr 2020

Photo of Armin Sorooshian

CHEE professor Armin Sorooshian received the 2019 Atmospheric Sciences Ascent Award during the American Geophysical Union's 2019 Fall Meeting because of his work in NASA airborne missions, the Differential Aerosol Sizing and Hygroscopicity Spectrometer Probe, and how clouds redistribute particles and modify aerosol composition. 

Apr 2020

Photo of HU-25 Falcon that will take researchers under and through clouds to measure everything from aerosol properties to droplet composition to gas

Sorooshian is leading a $30 million NASA mission called Aerosol Cloud Meteorology Interactions Over the Western Atlantic Experiment (ACTIVATE) to help climate and weather modelers better understand how aerosol particles and meteorological processes affect cloud properties. Sorooshian and his team fly over the Atlantic Ocean to try and characterize how marine boundary layer clouds affect the meteorological environment. 

Apr 2020